Migración y Salud. Inmigrantes mexicanos en Estados Unidos: 10 años de perspectiva - page 179

The Mexican-origin population, including both immi-
grants and people of Mexican descent, until recently
had the highest fertility rates of all population groups
observed in this study. The decrease is such and so
fast than in the last 10 years, and Central and South
Americans have higher fertility rates only slightly abo-
ve that of non-HispanicAfricanAmericans.
Changes in the pattern of fertility of women of
Mexican originmean that the social and cultural con-
texts inwhich theyoperatearechanging, sincewomen
are reducing their number of children and have their
first pregnancy at older ages (though still earlier than
non-Hispanicwhitewomen). This suggests that fami-
liesmaybeable todevotemore resources to theedu-
cation and upbringing of each child. This in turn could
becontributing toan improvement in thehealthcondi-
tions of children and could predict better adult health
in the comingyears.
While Hispanics have the longest life expectan-
cy and overall lowest death rates, they experience a
substantial disadvantage in their mortality due to dia-
betes.Moreover, given risk factors and reduced access
to health care, it is important to address these issues
throughcampaignsof care, promotinghealthanddiag-
nosis, in addition to advocating for better social inte-
grationof theHispanicpopulation in theUnitedStates.
chapter iv •
fertility and mortality among the hispanic population
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