Migración y Salud. Inmigrantes mexicanos en Estados Unidos: 10 años de perspectiva - page 166

Mexican immigrants age65andover
living in theUnitedStates have thehighest
rateof feeling sad
Persistentsadness,mourningormelancholy indicatesde-
pression, aconditionthat is insufficientlydiagnosedsince
it is often overlookedwhen patients present with other
physical andmental ailments (Sánchez
All immigrants report thehighest ratesof expe-
riencing sadness in the past 30 days, both in 2004-
* Functional limitation refers toaphysical,mental or emotional healthproblemor illness.
Source: EstimatesbyCONAPO, basedon the
National Health InterviewSurvey
(NHIS), 2012-2013.
Figure59. Populationabove65years living in theUnitedStates, witha functional
limitation,* bygender, basedon regionof originandethnicityor race, 2012-2013
2005 and 2012-2013, while Mexican immigrants
have thehighest rateof384per1000persons.There
has been a slight increase amongMexicans, while the
four other groups saw decreases, particularly among
Central Americans, which has placed them at a nearly
similar level to theUS-born population in themost re-
cent period (Figure60).
Across the five groups, women have a greater
tendency to feel sad thanmen, althoughMexicansdis-
play the smallest gender gap (Figure61).
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mexican immigrants in the us: a 10 year perspective
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