Migración y Salud. Inmigrantes mexicanos en Estados Unidos: 10 años de perspectiva - page 164

Source: Produced by CONAPO based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer
Institute, National Program of Cancer Registries, United States Cancer Statistics, at theAgency for Healthcare Re-
searchandQuality, 2004-2008.
Figure56.Womenover age20 living in theUnitedStates havingbeendiagnosed
withanadvanced stageof cervical cancer, by regionor originandethnicityor race,
Source: EstimatesbyCONAPO, basedon the
National Health InterviewSurvey
(NHIS), 2004-2005, 2012-2013.
Figure57. Populationover 65years living in theUnitedStates havingbeendiagnosed
withdiabetes, by regionof originandethnicityor race, 2004-2005and2012-2013
migration & health •
mexican immigrants in the us: a 10 year perspective
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