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(11.3%). Mexican immigrants also had the second
highest increase in the proportion of their group with
diabetes between2004-2005and2012-2013, after
AfricanAmericans (Figure52).
Across all population groups, diabetes ismost
frequently diagnosed in the 45 to 64-year-old age
group. Indeed, 17% of Mexican immigrants in that
age group report a diagnosis of diabetes, a propor-
tion only exceeded by that of African Americans
(19%) (Figure53).
Among the immigrantpopulation, lengthof resi-
dence in theUnited States is a key determinant in the
diagnosis of diabetes. Although most of those were
not suffering from the illnesswhen they arrived in the
US, for others it was not detected until complications
appeared. For the majority of those who migrated
withoutdiabetes, theyencounteredadditional risk fac-
tors in theUS includingchanges in their socioeconomic
level, diet, andphysical activity that increased their risk
for thedevelopment of thedisease.
In the three groups of immigrants, the propor-
tion of working-age adults diagnosedwith diabetes is
clearly higher among long-term residents than recent
arrivals.Thiscanbeexplainedbytheolderageof those
whohave lived for over ten years in theUnitedStates,
butalso their improvedaccess tomedical services that
increases the chances of being diagnosed and their
adoptionof unhealthyhabits in thehost country.
According to data for the period from 2010 to
diabetesamong long-termadult residents(9.6%)than
CentralAmericanandall other immigrants.On theother
hand, among recent arrivals, Mexicans have the lowest
percentageof diagnosis (2.3%) (Figure54).
Source: EstimatesbyCONAPO, basedon the
National Health InterviewSurvey
(NHIS), 2004-2005, 2012-2013.
Figure52. Populationages18 to64 in theUnitedStates havingbeendiagnosedwith
diabetes, by regionof originandethnicityor race,
for periods2004-2005and2012-2013
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