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smoking rates (8%). These trends present an impro-
vement in the health risk profile forMexican andCen-
tral American immigrants and an advantage over the
Among Mexican immigrants, the greatest de-
cline in smokingwas recorded among 30 to 44 year-
olds (Figure 47). That age group now has the lowest
smoking rates amongMexican immigrants.
In 2012-2013, daily cigarette consump-
tion among Mexican immigrants who smoked was
half that of US-born non-Hispanic whites (7.4 and
15.2 cigarettes, respectively), while there was a dif-
ference of one cigarette between occasional smok-
ers of both origins (Figure 48). Especially for regular
smokers, themuch lowernumberofcigarettessmoked
per day by Mexican immigrants provides a modest
health riskadvantage.
Hispanic childrenare very similar to
non-Hispanicwhites in their ratesof hospital
admissions for diabetes complications
In recent years, diabetes has increased among chil-
dren and adolescents, and Type 2 diabetes mellitus,
formerly considered an exclusively adult ailment, has
occurred with increasing frequency. Type 2 diabetes
is associated with physical inactivity, poor diet and
overweight and obesity. These trends are being seen
inbothwealthyandmiddle-income countries.
Between 2008 and 2009 in the United States,
18 000 children and adolescents under age 20were
newly diagnosedwith diabetes. Among children under
tenyears, whites andAfricanAmericans displayed the
highest rates during that period, while among children
over age ten the incidencewas highest amongAfrican
Americans andHispanics (cdc, 2014).
Source: EstimatesbyCONAPO, basedon
National Health InterviewSurvey
(NHIS), 2004-2005, 2012-2013.
Figure46. Populationages18 to64 living in theUntedStates that currently smokes,
by regionof originandethnicityor race, 2004-2005and2012-2013
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