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Mexican immigrants visit adoctor less
frequently thanother groups
Mexican immigrant adults also have the longest time
since their last doctor visit. Approximately one in four
had not had a doctor visit in the past two years and
around 15% had done so within the past one to two
years. These figures are higher than those for immi-
grants from other regions and non-Hispanic whites
and African Americans. On the other hand, Mexicans,
followed by Central Americans, are themost likely to
report that they have never visited a doctor (5% in
2012-2013) (Figure31).
The lower use of health care services byMexi-
can immigrants and, to a lesser degree, Central
Americans, is shaped by the family’s socioeconomic
context, health insurance coverage, cultural factors,
degreeof knowledgeof theUnitedStateshealth care
system, English proficiency and immigration status.
Other factors, suchaswaiting timesand thedifficulty
of obtaining an appointment account for Mexican
andCentral American immigrants’ tendency to delay
visiting the doctor (Figure32).
Routinevisits to thedoctor andmedical tests to
checkaperson’shealthpermit the timelydetectionof
ailments and illnesses.
Figure31. Distributionof thepopulationbetween18and64years in theUnitedStates,
bydateof time since last doctor’s appointment, basedon regionof originandethnicity
or race, 2004-2005and2012-2013
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mexican immigrants in the us: a 10 year perspective
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