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Mexican childrenandadolescents are less
likely tomeetminimumhealth standards
Regular visits to the doctor is an important indicator
of children’s and adolescents’ access to health care.
The American Academy of Pediatrics highlights the
importance of regular health care and recommends
that children over two years of age visit the doctor at
least once a year until middle childhood (10 years of
age) and adolescence (until 21 years of age) to avoid
healthproblems (aap, 2014).
visits this frequently are more likely to receive regu-
lar preventivemeasures, with favorable consequences
for their physical and intellectual development and li-
felong health. The available data show that Mexican
TheAcademy recommendsmore frequent visits (asmuchas12before3
yearsof age) during infancyandearly childhood.
children and adolescents living in the United States
are by far the population group that visited the doc-
tor least frequently in theprevious12months, though
this figure has improved over time. Currently, almost
one in two does not meet theminimum standard for
medical check-ups, in comparisonwith approximately
one in four immigrants from other regions, one in five
of non-HispanicUS-bornwhites and a just over one in
ten African Americans (Figure 27). Mexican-born im-
migrants are thus themost exposed to the riskof not
preventingor obtainingearly treatment of ailments or
illnesses, which can jeopardize their future develop-
ment andhealth.
An analysis of this data by gender reveals that
boys are generally less likely than girls to see a doc-
tor as regularly as recommended. It also confirms the
disadvantageandgreater vulnerabilityofMexicanchil-
Source:MigrationPolicyBureau, SEGOB, basedonU.S. StateHealthAccessDataAssistanceCenter,
National Health
Interview Survey
(NHIS), 2004-2005 and 2012-2013. Integrated Health Interview Series. Minneapolis: University
Figure27. Populationbetween1and17years in theUnitedStates that didnot have
amedical check-up in theprevious12months, by regionor originandethnicityor race,
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access to health insurance and service use
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