Migración y Salud. Inmigrantes mexicanos en Estados Unidos: 10 años de perspectiva - page 136

Mexican immigrantswithoutAmerican
citizenshipuseprivatemedical services less
Immigrants without American citizenship are more
likely to receive health care at public health care cen-
ters or clinics, while naturalized immigrants are more
likely to receive care at private practices. This trend
has increased over time and is more frequent among
Mexican immigrants. Over six out of ten Mexicans
without citizenship use clinic services, while 48% of
Central American immigrants and31% of immigrants
from other regions do so. On the other hand, almost
two out of three naturalized Mexicans use private
practices as their usual source of care, though they
have recently shownagrowing tendency tousehealth
center or clinic services (41%) (Figure26).
1/Otherestablishment: includesemergencydepartment,outpatientdepartmentofahospitalandotherestablishments.
Source:MigrationPolicyBureau, SEGOB, basedonU.S. StateHealthAccessDataAssistanceCenter,
NationalHealth Interview
(NHIS), 2004-2005and2012-2013. IntegratedHealth InterviewSeries.Minneapolis: UniversityofMinnesota.
Figure26. Distributionof immigrant populationof theUnitedStates
by typeof usual sourceof care, by regionof originandAmerican citizenship status,
migration & health •
mexican immigrants in the us: a 10 year perspective
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