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Theundocumentedpopulation in the
UnitedStates continues to consist
According to a recent study, there were 11.3million
undocumented immigrants living in theUnitedStates
in 2013, of which over half were Mexican migrants
(52%) (Passel
et al
., 2014; twh, 2013). Since2007,
the undocumented immigrant population originally
from Mexico has decreased from approximately 7
million to 6.1million in 2012 (Figure 5). The signifi-
cant reduction of demand for unskilled workers that
followed the2008economic crisis, whichparticularly
affectedthesectors inwhichMexicanstypically found
employment in the country, aswell as the difficulties
of entering theUnitedStateswithoutdocuments, are
reflected in the decrease in the undocumentedpopu-
lation living in the country.
American citizenship enables immigrants to
exercise their rights andgainaccess toeconomic and
social benefits. The data available clearly shows that,
despite a slight increase between 2004 and 2013,
persons born in Mexico and Central America display
far lower rates of naturalization than other groups of
immigrants. Justover one in fourMexican immigrants
have acquiredAmerican citizenship (27%), a propor-
tion slightly below that of Central Americans (32%)
but significantly lower than that of immigrants from
other regions (62%). There is a very low naturaliza-
tion rateamong recently arrivedMexican immigrants
(10%), though almost twice that recorded in 2004.
Inparticular, theproportionofMexicanswhohavebeen in
the United States for a long period who have become
citizensdecreasedbyalmost fourpercentagepointsdu-
ring thisperiod (Figure6).
Short-termmigrants have spent tenyearsor less living in theUnitedSta-
tes, while long-termmigrants have spent over ten years living in the coun-
try, regardlessof their immigration status.
Source: Passel, J.; D’ Vera Cohn; and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera. (2013).
Population Decline of Unauthorized Immigrant
. PewResearchCenter. HispanicsTrendsProject, September 2013.
Figure5. Undocumented immigrant population in theUnitedStates, 2004-2012
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